Acosta Will Go Commando Next Press Conference After What James Woods Suggested

Earlier on Thursday, Jim Acosta caused another scene in the press room while questioning Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Acosta left the room in his normal pouting fashion after he didn’t like the way Sanders answered his question on if she thought the media is the “enemy of the people.” He then took to Twitter to vent and capitalize on his publicity stunt. However, conservative actor James Woods responded to the turn of events in the most epic way.

Woods is quick to call a spade a spade and fires off some of the best one-liners, especially when hypocritical liberals like Jim Acosta get out of line.

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On Thursday evening, James Woods was ready to call it a day on Twitter, but wanted to leave his fans with a hilarious vision regarding the situation that played out between Sanders and Acosta.

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James Woods ended his day by delivering to his fans the following hilarious vision:

“Final thought of the day: it’s late, I’m going to sleep, and I can’t stop laughing picturing @PressSec hopping down from the podium and giving whiny ass @Acosta a mega wedgie. A real nut cracker wedgie. Oddly enough I believe it would do the country good.

Official Tweet Below

James Woods’ Official Tweet

Woods hit Acosta with this gem:

Wow! Talk about hilarious!

We won’t be surprised if Acosta chooses not to wear underpants to the next press briefing after that one! All in the name of attention, right?!

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