After Being Humiliated In Court All Week, Newt Drops A BOMB On Mueller

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich joined Fox News Channel in a recent sit-down discussion.

Gingrich gave the run down on the Manafort trial in what was a power-packed interview!

Gingrich reviewed how Manafort was indicted.

First, Newt summarized the WSJ article where a former FBI Special Agent suggested that Brennan is the master mind behind the special counsel.

Newt claimed, “Brennan who was head of the CIA is a radical leftist who voted for the communist party back in the 70’s.”

The former Speaker then suggested, “Brennan may have actually used the CIA to help set up the FBI to start the whole investigation.”

Newt discussed the trial.

Gingrich then said, we have an “Attorney General who doesn’t have the toughness needed to start cleaning out the snake pit.

He adds, “And notice what the trial is about. They’re not going after Manafort for collusion with Russia. They’re going after Manafort for things like TAXES.”

Newt tied the trial into the Mueller witch hunt, saying “This is exactly what independent counsel’s do. They can’t solve the case they were hired for so they invent a case .”

And in a raw moment of complete honesty, Newt says it like it is.”If Manafort wins this and there’s a good chance he will. I think Mueller’s going to look like a FOOL. And I think the whole country is going to shrug off everything else that Mueller does at that point.”

The Fox News host, Bill Hemmer asked, “What concessions does Jeff Sessions have?”

“He’s the Attorney General,” Newt tells Bill. “If Jeff Sessions wanted to –  as Attorney General – he has absolute authority to fire the entire Mueller team.”

Then in an impassioned statement, Newt says, “This is a disgraceful one-sided witch hunt by a bunch of left-wing democrats.”

Newt continues and names Comey, McCabe and Strzok because they are the players who have revealed their actions.

They show what their parts were in how the Mueller witch hunt and Manafort trial came into being.

Newt says, “Every time we turn around we learn MORE things that the sickness in the Justice Department, in the Senior levels of the FBI was very real. And I think it should scare everybody.”

In ending, Newt said, “You know the power of the police being THAT corrupt…you have HUGE dangers for Freedom in America.” Video Below

WATCH Gingrich in this power packed interview! 

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In ending, do you think Manafort is being unjustly targeted? Do you agree with Newt that we should be deeply concerned with swamp creatures in our Government? Do you want Sessions to step up? How do YOU think this will all end? Drop your comment below and let us know what you think of the Manafort  trial. Additionally, scroll to the bottom and hit the “subscribe” button for more great content.