New FBI File Release Exposes Another Shady Tactic Used By Strzok To Protect Hillary

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In a new FBI Vault Release, over 150 pages of never-before-seen material shines more light on how anti-Trump Special Agent Peter Strzok handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, specifically documents on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s shared laptop.

The material in the latest file dump suggests Strzok did what he could to make sure a key component of the email investigation wouldn’t hinder public opinion of Hillary chances in the 2016 election. Continued Below

As announced by the FBI prior to the 2016 election, thousands of Hillary’s emails were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop during an investigation into his sexting with a minor.

There was strong concern that the emails were hacked, as they were on an unsecured device and contained classified material.

But in the latest documents that were released by the FBI, it shows Peter Strzok did not launch an investigation into whether or not there was “evidence of intrusion” on Huma’s laptop with the sensitive files on them until 1 day after the 2016 election.

As discovered by Conservative Treehouse, 3 documents, which can be seen below, clearly show Strzok asked for an intrusion analysis signed and dated November 9, 2016. And it also shows there was never a request for this to happen before that date. See Below

Key Pages Of The FBI Vault Release Of Documents Related To Peter Strzok’s Handling Of Hillary’s Email Investigation 

Page 15 of the FBI Vault Release. Shows Strzok calling for the FBI’s forensic department to analyze Huma Abedin’s laptop on if there was an act of intrusion. This request came 1 day after the election, on November 9, 2016. (Credit to Conservative Treehouse)

Another file (Page 16) with the same November 9, 2016 date asking for an analysis to see if there is “evidence of intrusion” on Huma Abedin’s laptop. (Credit: Conservative Treehouse)

Page 17 of the FBI Vault’s File Release shows the same November 9, 2016 date and that no such request for “evidence of intrusion” was asked for prior to that date. (Credit: Conservative Treehouse)

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Well isn’t that interesting. We already know from uncovered texts that Peter Strzok didn’t want Donald Trump to win the election. And knowing that the finding of Hillary’s emails on Huma’s laptop already could be swaying public opinion, he may not have wanted the chances of even more shocking findings to come out.

And Strzok made sure of it by waiting until after the election!

One other theory as to why Strzok waited until after the election to have Huma’s laptop extensively examined is because he thought Hillary had the election in the bag, as seen in his texts, and therefore any such findings of a data breach could be more easily hidden if she was President.

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In contrast, do you think if Strzok knew there could be some kind of dirt on Trump in the same type of scenario that he would’ve immediately rushed it to FBI forensics before the election? Scroll down below and let us know what you think. And please SHARE this important news, since MSM isn’t discussing it!