Michael Flynn Jr. Drops The Mic On Don Lemon’s Head Over His Latest Trump Gaffe

On Friday, NBA basketball star LeBron James caused a stir while appearing on CNN Don Lemon’s show and suggesting that President Trump is causing division in America through sports.

LeBron’s comments didn’t go untouched by the President who retaliated in classic fashion by basically calling the pair “dumb”, and immediately triggered a response from Lemon.

Lemon replied to the President, by saying, “Who’s the real dummy? A man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages?”

His response, however, backfired as he tweeted out bad information (imagine that), causing him to get called out on Twitter. And General Michael Flynn’s son, Michael Jr., had one of the best comebacks of them all.

Lemon’s response came from a fake outrage that was caused when former President Obama’s speechwriter tweeted out a picture of Mexican children in cages. The picture was apparently taken at the U.S. border and liberals on social media blamed Trump for it. The only problem, as Flynn Jr. pointed out, is the picture of children was taken in 2014 when Obama was President. And this is likely what Lemon is referring to.

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Michael Flynn Jr. Drops The Mic On Don Lemon’s Head

Michael Flynn Jr. responded to Lemon with:

“This is a lie. The photos of kids in cages were from 2014 when your pal Barack in office. This why Trump called you dumb….Don Lemon.”

And Flynn Jr. provided the Twitter link to the picture of children in cages as reference for what he called the “grammar police” who exist all over social media. See Below

Official Tweets Of The Drama In Chronological Order

Trump’s Initial Tweet:

Lemon’s response to Trump:

Michael Flynn Jr.’s Response To Lemon:


Photo Michael Flynn Jr. Retweeted To Back Up His Claim: 


Facts Matter!

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Where was the liberal outrage when children were actually thrown in cages on Obama’s watch? Is Lemon trying to spread more Fake News to make a point against President Trump?

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