Right As Rally Started, Trump Looked Over & Was SURPRISED At Who Showed Up

President Trump held his third explosive rally this week. This time in Ohio where the house was packed and full of MAGA energy.

He was on the trail doing what he does best, and stumping for the GOP Congressional candidate, Troy Balderson. (Video Below)

While the President was holding an event in Ohio in a 110 degree auditorium, he looked over and was surprised by who he saw in the crowd.

He immediately called up him on stage and the crowd went absolutely wild.

As the guest was making his way to the stage, Trump supporters starting chanting, “Speaker of the House!”

It was none other than Rep. JIM JORDAN! (Video Below)

Jim Jordan stepped to the podium and was pumped! He was all smiles while praising President Trump’s America First agenda.

Jordan said, “Think about this…. in 18 months, regulations reduced, taxes lowered, Gorsuch on the Court, the economy growing at record rate, unemployment at it’s lowest rate in 20 years, Kavanaugh is on deck on the court.”

He continued, “We’re out of that crazy Iran deal, the embassy has gone to Jerusalem, and the hostages have been returned from North Korea. That’s what’s happened under the President’s leadership!” (Video Below)

Watch Jim Jordan step to the stage as the crowd goes wild!

Wow! Do you agree Jim Jordan is a smart cookie like the President says and ready to see him as the next Speaker of the House? 

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