While Heading To The Rally, Trump Stops His Motorcade, Gets Out & Does The Incredible

On his way to the rally in Ohio on Friday night, President Trump proved again why he is just plain AWESOME!

Everyone knows President Trump is one of us and he really does care, but the mainstream media will not dare let you know. (Video Below)

While President Trump was on his way to stump for the GOP Congressional candidate Troy Balderson, President Trump did the INCREDIBLE.

His motorcade was pulling up to the auditorium at the rally, and President Trump spotted firemen standing ahead.

Then, he stopped the motorcade, got out, and walked over to them!

The President personally wanted to take the time to show his appreciation to the hard working men and women who protect and serve. (Video Below)

As President Trump walked over to the firemen, he shook their hands and took pictures with them.

What a unforgettable moment! They will never forget this.

This is our President, and he really does care. This simple act that he did proves exactly why he will be remembered as the President of the people. (Video Below)

Watch this amazing moment in time!


Doesn’t this make you absolutely proud to call him President?

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