After Thinking The Dust Finally Settled, Brennan & Clapper Get Smacked By More Fury

House Intelligence Committee Pete King (R-NY), joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures in an explosive interview that won’t go over well for the swamp.

The buried truth is surfacing to the top of the slimy water. (Video Below)

During his interview, Pete King and Maria weighed in on the recent outrage from the left and the swamp creatures from the Obama administration who still have their security clearances and monetizing off of government classified information.

The President recently took note and is deciding whether to go forward in revoking their privileges.

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John Brennan for example, who is being paid on CNN trashes President Trump all day long still has a clearance. Brennan has claimed that Trump has committed treason. (Video Below)

Pete King when asked if John Brennan should have his security clearance stated, “John Brennan has proven himself to be a cheap political hack and a cheap political artist.”

King noted that the only time someone should keep their clearance after leaving government service is to be called back for consultation during a crisis. “You’re not going to bring General Clapper or Brennan for consultation  because they’ve made it clear they are political activists.”

Maria asked King what kind of information do they still receive or would be able to see? He responded, “They would be told where there is potential crisis, potential plot, a possible espionage going on, possible coo’s planted for or against our allies. They would be given the most sensitive intelligence information out there. Internationally or domestic.” (Video Below)

King explained that they could have enough information to slip up while going on TV and give away classified information. When not working in a government setting everyday, he suggested they could lose their discipline.

Next, Maria pointed out that Brennan was in fact involved with the dirty dossier, and he still has a security clearance.

King admits that Brennan is not looking out for the best interest of America but only to stop Donald Trump.



Do you agree with Rep. Pete King? Should Clapper and Brennan and the rest of the Obama holdovers have their security clearances revoked?

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