What Joe Lieberman Just Unloaded Has Iran Begging For Obama To Come Back

As Obama’s legacy continues to fade away, enemies around the world are finding it more difficult to walk all over the United States like they did for the eight years prior to Trump.

And now, according to Joe Lieberman, one America’s biggest enemies, Iran, will be faced with a brutal awakening starting on Monday when pre-Obama sanctions will be reinforced.

Iran walked away with a win-win when the Obama-authorized Iran Nuclear Agreement was agreed upon, giving our enemy billions of dollars on top of keeping their uranium processing facilities intact. This is the same country whose leaders are often heard chanting “Death to America.”

Lieberman said he is glad the deal with Iran will be dissolvedn which is something that he thought would never happen. And as the agreement is set to die on Monday, Lieberman said:

“This is one death I am not mourning cause I thought it was a bad agreement. We gave away a lot, including taking off the sanctions as economic pressure on Iran. The sanctions that were adopted by Republicans and Democrats for many years.”

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Lieberman praised President Trump for pulling the U.S. out of the agreement and he is literally counting down the hours as they tick away from the 90-day winding down period after Trump made the decision.

And although Iran pulled a fast one on
the U.S. for a limited time, Lieberman predicts the country faces hard days ahead as sanctions get reinforced. Especially since many countries already consider the country high risk with little reward due to the political atmosphere that continues to poison the country.

But Lieberman hopes the sanctions will force Iran back to the negotiating table. However, this time they will face a President who puts his country first, unlike his predecessor. Video Below

Joe Lieberman Discusses The Expiration Of The Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Wow! Iran will be wishing Obama is still President after reality strikes them soon!

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