AXED: In A Bold Move, Trump’s Legal Team Chops Up A Key Element Of The Witch Hunt

As Robert Mueller continues his phony witch hunt into “Russia collusion,” things are looking mighty grim for his crooked team of swamp rats.

Additionally, safe spaces will be needed for the fragile snowflakes. (Video Below)

On Wednesday, President Trump’s legal team said they have responded to Mueller’s request for an interview with the President as the witch hunt drags on.

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Attorney Jay Sekulow said, “We have responded in writing to the latest proposal from the Office of Special Counsel regarding its request to interview the President. It is not appropriate, at this time, to comment publicly about the content of that response.”

Also, attorney Rudy Giuliani, in a statement, reiterated calls to end the Russia probe. (Video Below)

“Millions of pages of documents along with testimony from dozens of witnesses have been provided. We’re re-stating what we have been saying for months: it is time for the Office of Special Counsel to conclude its inquiry without further delay.” Giuliani stated.

Fox News reports that the letter would largely turn down any Trump-Mueller meeting that would include any questions related to obstruction of justice.

On Monday, Giuliani said, “It’s not a refusal, but at the same time, it’s not a completely unreasonable position. I can see a way in which [Mueller] may agree with it.”

Giuliani recognizes that Mueller could try to subpoena the president if an agreement for an interview cannot be worked out. However, the President’s attorneys have repeatedly stated that they will fight any attempt to subpoena President Trump. (Video Below)

President Trump has publicly stated a desire to be interviewed, but his lawyers have repeatedly objected to the investigators’ proposals.


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