Judge Ellis Notices Something Peculiar About The Prosecutor & Blasts It All Over Court

Day seven in Judge T.S. Ellis’ courtroom is heated, and he’s not playing around.

The Judge isn’t tolerating any games from Mueller or his team of witch hunters. (Video Below)

Wednesay, Rick Gates returned to the stand for several more hours of testimony as part of a plea deal.

Gates, supposedly has turned on his former boss Manafort and testifying they committed bank and tax fraud together. He admitted that Manafort fraudulently classified certain wire transfers as loans to reduce the amount of taxable income in a given year.

However, Manafort has pleaded not guilty to the charges. 

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According to Fox News, Rick Gates has finished three days’ worth of dramatic testimony in federal court against his former business partner, ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort — but not before defense lawyers caused a stir by pressing him for details on his past infidelity.

A day earlier, Gates acknowledged having a single extramarital relationship in London while working for Manafort.

But on Wednesday, Manafort attorney Kevin Downing seemed to accuse Gates of having affairs with multiple individuals, asking Gates whether he disclosed four affairs to the special counsel’s office. The question was part of an apparent bid to catch Gates in a lie, after he testified that his plea agreement would be in jeopardy if he doesn’t tell the truth on the stand. (Video Below)

Gates attempted to express regret from the stand, saying “I’ve made many mistakes over many years.”

The Judge cut Gates off, saying, “this isn’t the time for that.”

While Manafort is the one on trial, Mueller’s witch hunt team has often been on the receiving end of Ellis’ scoldings. The judge has lashed out at them for several missteps, from how they have addressed him to how they’ve portrayed the defendant.

Judge Ellis has also warned Mueller’s swamp team about the high bar set for conviction; prosecutors have to prove Manafort knowingly violated bank and tax laws related to his political work overseas. (Video Below)

Judge Ellis Notices Something Peculiar About The Prosecutor & Blasts It All Over Court:

Judge Ellis isn’t falling for Mueller’s “Witch Hunt.” He blasted a prosecutor who was so discouraged he was crying in his courtroom.

“I understand how frustrated you are. In fact, there’s tears in your eyes right now,” Ellis said according to Bloomberg.

When the prosecutor, Greg Andres, denied Ellis’ claim, the judge said, “Well, they’re watery.”

Before the exchange, Ellis had rebuked Andres for not looking at him while he was talking.

“Look at me! Don’t look down,” Ellis said.

When Andres said he was looking at a document, Ellis said “that’s B.S.”

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