Rep. Gohmert Faces The Camera & Spells Out Why Mueller Can NEVER Be Trusted

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) joined Harris Faulkner on Outnumbered Overtime during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday afternoon.

Gohmert had some harsh criticisms for Robert Muller slamming his phony witch hunt. (Video Below)

The Texas congressman has taken a passionate stance against the Witch Hunt and the FBI’s handling of information leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Gohmert said during his interview that Mueller’s goal was to indict the President.

“Eric Holder lied to us a number of times… was held in contempt, should’ve gone to jail. But, Harris, I totally believe him when he says, ‘Look I’ve known Robert Mueller for 20, 30 years and he is not going to stop until he gets some kind of indictment against President Trump.'” Gohmert started out saying.

”That’s what Mueller wants to get. And when I hear that Giuliani is saying, ‘Oh, if it goes past September 1st, Mueller will be blamed for playing politics and affecting the election,’ Mueller could care less. He would love to affect the election.” Gohmert explained.

(Video Below)

Next, Gohmert slammed Mueller for being a crybaby for not getting appointed to be over the FBI, but instead was appointed to work the special counsel that he’s disqualified from. He suggested this is President Trump’s payback.

Gohmert mentioned Mueller’s involvement in the Russia Uranium sale with Hillary Clinton, declaring that HE should be the one investigated.

“[Mueller] is the special counsel. This is a guy that doesn’t care. He is hoping he will affect the election and screw over the president,” he declared. (Video Below)

Gohmert switched gears saying, “Looking at it from Mueller’s standpoint, okay, he times this 90 days before the election and says, ‘We want to ask questions knowing that they will probably come back with conditions he can’t accept.'”

Gohmert continued, “He will have to do a subpoena. And even if the President does agree to testify, then he gets him in a perjury trap which will help him indict.”

President Trump should not sit down with the Mueller! Plain and simple.

But, if the President answers questions in writing or verbally, he should follow Crooked Hillary’s lead. “I’m sorry… I don’t recall.”, “I have no recollection of that.”, “I don’t remember…” and “What difference at this point does it make.”



The special counsel and this investigation is a farce. It was based off of false pretexts and it is not valid. Therefore, it should be stopped immediately.

President Trump should not waste a moment of his time to speak to Mueller, and Crooked Hillary owes the American taxpayers $25 million.

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