Grassley Sends Shockwaves To The UK, Hits Steele In His Safe Space With New Demand

The heat is ON! Moreover, it is heating up across the pond! And it’s about to boil over!

Specifically, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee seeks the video deposition of Christopher Steele, author of the Dirty dossier, from England.

Furthermore, the deposition may “shed light on events that led to the appointment of a special counsel to investigate President Trump,” reports Fox News.

Preview (opens in a new window)There is an international law suit worth millions of dollars! 

Russian mogul, Aleksej Gubarev says “his companies, Webzilla and XBT Holding, were defamed after Buzzfeed published the 35-page unverified dossier,” per Fox.

Specifically, Fox reports the  dirty dossier claimed that, “Gubarev’s companies ‘used botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data, and conduct ‘alerting operations’ against the Democratic party leadership.'”

Of course, the dossier was unverified which Steele stated himself.

Also, Christopher Steele is involved in the international trial and is the subject of a video taped deposition. And Senator Grassley would like to see it!

Additionally, the unsubstantiated dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrant used to spy on American citizen, Carter Page. And that is what holds interest for Grassley.

Grassley’s committee has invited both Steele and a member of the McCain staff to speak to Congress regarding the dirty dossier.

It is important to recall that it was Senator John McCain (R-AZ) who handed the dossier over to the FBI.

Furthermore, David J. Kramer, who worked with McCain, refused to speak to Congress and plead the Fifth. The “videotaped deposition of David J. Kramer…is sealed as well,” reports Fox News.”

Fox reports on the contents of Senator Grassley’s letter asking for the Steele video taped deposition: 

“The Grassley letter specifically noted interest in Steele’s role in the dossier and his relationship with the FBI. “The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has been investigating a number of issues connected to Mr. Steele’s dossier, including: the FBI’s relationship with Mr. Steele relating to his dossier work; the FBI’s reliance on Mr. Steele’s dossier in applications for surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; the FBI’s sworn statements to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) about Mr. Steele’s clients, sources, methods, and credibility; the FBI’s sworn statements to the FISC about Mr. Steele’s description to the FBI of his interactions with the media; Mr. Steele’s post-election dossier work and interactions with the Justice Department; and additional related issues, several of which remain classified.”

This is just heating up, and once the depositions are reviewed by Congress, we may very well find a web of corruption so incredible, there will be little doubt that Obama’s FBI, DOJ, CIA  and White House worked together to create the Mueller special counsel to bring Trump down.

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