Hours After Assange Was Called To Testify, Rudy Hints Why Mueller Should Be Next

In a cascade of Congressional hearings as our elected officials provide oversight into various concerns of the American people, Julian Assange who is an Australian programmer and editor of WikiLeaks announces he is next in front of Congress!

Additionally, in a blockbuster move, Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to the POTUS, hints to the American people WHY we could very well be seeing Mueller answering to Congress within a “year or two”! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Julian is still at the Equadorian embassy in London.

The WikiLeaks editor was sent a letter from the U.S. Congress to testify in a bi-partisan closed-door session, as WikiLeaks posted proof of it on their twitter account.

Assange is open to the meeting; however, his lawyers seek conditions that  “… must conform to a high ethical standard.”

See tweet and official letter below: 

Giuliani goes on the record with Hannity in a BLOCKBUSTER revelation that Mueller might be next! 

Hannity and Rudy discuss the Mueller probe. Rudy says, the witch hunt teams is trying “to trap him into perjury” because there is “no case.”

Furthermore, Hannity points out the “double standard,” which is that the DOJ appears to side with the Mueller operation.

The Dems routinely receive immunity and passes, yet the Mueller team exclusively railroad the President and his team.

Giuliani lays down the biggest REALITY bomb that Mueller is NOT going to like! 

The real story here is not that this case isn’t going to fizzle. It’s going to BLOW UP on them!…There’s a lot more to what THEY did that nobody knows about, yet,” Rudy tells Sean. Continued Below

Rudy explains, “A lot more to the obstruction of justice, to the collusion, to the fake dossier, trying to bring Steele back in after he was completely discredited.”  Hannity adds, “And then feed it to Mueller.”

Additionally, the former Mayor states, “Mueller is going to have A LOT to answer for.” Then he says it! This is what America has been waiting for!

Specifically, Giuliani states, “The INVESTIGATION HERE HAS TO BE ON THE INVESTIGATORS because we CANNOT let this happen again in American history.”

Rudy then tells Hannity, “You know how sometimes the cover up is worse than the crime? In this case, the investigation was much worse than the ‘no-crime’.

Hannity tells America, “It will SHOCK the heart, the soul and the mind of any fair-minded American.”

In ending Rudy concurs and says, “I think it’s going to lead to very strict..big reforms. [It’s] just like Watergate. It’s a different kind of Watergate – it’s on the side of the investigator. Corrupt investigations, through and through.” 

WATCH this power packed interview as Giuliani sits with Hannity and they discuss Mueller’s future. 

In closing, would you like to see Mueller under the microscope? Are you willing to wait the one to two years to see the dirty truth hit the light? Drop your comment below and let us know how you see the Mueller probe play out!