Levin Chops Head Off Snake, Exposes Brutal Truth Mueller Can’t Slither Away From

Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity in a BLOCKBUSTER no-holds barred interview. And it’s a MUST LISTEN.

Levin started up and didn’t stop in his well thought out ideas of what Mueller should be thinking about! (VIDEO BELOW.)

In his fiery head chop, Levin believes Mueller needs to be on a stand, being cross-examined as to his own intentions!

Sean began by stating that the Constitution is on the side of President and asked Mr. Levin to take it from there.

And Mark took the snake by the head and proceeded to chop it off!

Levin stated in a matter of fact tone, “Robert Mueller is a greater threat to this Republic than the Constitution and anything Vladimir Putin did during the campaign.”

Mark quickly qualified and said, “And I’m no fan of Vladimir Putin.”

He then said in no uncertain terms of what Mueller is doing: “He’s threatening to take down a President of the United States.”

Okay. Fair enough…Levin walked the audience through the CURVE BALL he threw next.

The President is not a witness to any crime. How do we know that? Because  we don’t know what crime they’re even talking about. The President doesn’t need to be questioned as a witness. The President did not commit a crime. What crime did he commit?“, Levin asks rhetorically.

The CRTV anchor continued, “So he’s not a target. He doesn’t need to be questioned about THAT.”

Then Mark shed light on the homework he has been doing! He stated, “According to the Department of Justice, the President cannot be indicted. A President cannot be questioned by a subordinate, like Mr. Mueller about his prerogatives as President. That is – the firing of a subordinate like Mr. Comey. So what questions exactly, does Mr. Mueller have?

With great intensity building, Levin pointed to the camera and railed, “I’m talking to YOU, Mr. Mueller!” 

EXACTLY, what questions do you have that you seek to turn this Country upside down?” at this point, Levin is speaking for the people! We want to know, too! Then he rails, “And disenfranchise the over sixty million people who voted for this President of the United States?

Then in a fiery final head chop he told Mueller exactly what he is!

“You are a PLAYTHING of the media, You are a PLAYTHING of the Democrats. You are PLAYTHING of the people within the OBAMA administration who sought from DAY ONE to take this President down!”

Levin finished in a TRUTH BOMB so hard to take, that you can imagine Mueller probably is going to think about what Levin just asked him! And we all hope Mueller does think about it!

WATCH as Levin calls for Mueller to understand what he is doing to America on the Sean Hannity show. 

In closing, how ready are you for Mueller to hang the witch hunt up so President Trump can continue with the America First agenda? Drop your comment below and let us know!