Nancy Pelosi Likely Gags On Crumb Cake After Seeing Results Of Her New Poll

[Image source: Fox News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

There is no doubt that President Trump’s policy has revved up the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen!

Americans are enjoying a 4.1 GDP, record low unemployment and a soaring stock market.

It’s also no secret that NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT voted for the historic Trump Tax Cuts in the House that helped rev up the engine!

As a result, the Democrat cheerleader for the NO VOTE on tax cuts, Nancy Pelosi, is suffering the consequences.

Her move to call on Democrats to NO vote on the tax cuts did not bode well for her or the Democrats, and now a new poll proves it.

New Poll Indicate It’s Time For Pelosi To Retire Her Position! 

Nancy Pelosi is the House Minority Leader for the Democrats. And what America is saying will probably SHOCK them.

In a survey which was conducted early this month on August 3rd and 4th, with 1,021 American voters, shows that Pelosi has very little support from the left, the right and the independents!

The American Barometer poll asks, “Should Democrats in the House of Representatives keep Nancy Pelosi as their leader or should they elect someone else?

The results are stunning. “Among Republicans, 91% said no, as did 79% of independents. Among Democrats, Pelosi only retained 51% support,Breitbart reports. Continued Below

Yet, even after leading the House to a defeat in 2010, why do Democrats still support her?

It’s because she is their best rain maker. She rains down fundraising dollars onto other Democrats.

But money didn’t help Hillary Clinton WIN the Presidency. She outspent President Donald J. Trump by 43 million dollars!

Sometimes, it’s the little things. Like crumbs that lead you down an unpopular path. And leading all the Democratic House congressman to vote against TAX CUTS that help ALL Americans.

To see the Hill.TV/Harris X American Barometer poll. click here or see Excel Online chart below.

See Poll:

In closing, do you think it would be better for the Republicans to keep Nancy as House Minority Leader or replace her? Drop your comment below and let us know!