After Bernie Mocks Pence’s Space Force, DeGrasse Hits Him With A Comet Of Truth

America will have a sixth branch of the Military by 2020 if Congress votes it IN!

Two days ago, Vice President Pence announced the detailed plan at the Pentagon for the United States Department of the SPACE FORCE.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Beam me up Scotty! 

Naturally, it did not take long for the Democrats and Russians to come out against it.

Why? Because this is a Military plan laid out by President Donald J. Trump.

Furthermore, resisting anything POTUS sees fit to protect America is precisely what the left will oppose.

Bernie Sanders was first up to resist the Space Force.

In a tweet designed to make the Space Force look like folly, it actually comes off like pure drama.

Like a plot for a B rated movie with images of American’s – dead – piled in the streets. Never mind, the irony that it is Obama care that started the health insurance crisis.

Bernie tweets, “Maybe, just maybe, we should make sure our people are not dying because they lack health insurance before we start spending billions to militarize outer space. .”

Furthermore, Bernie isn’t the only one resisting Space Force. So are the Russians!

After design ideas to choose a Space Force logo were announced, the Russian embassy in the U.S. “mocked President Trump by making a tweet of their own, with their very own “Space Force” logo,” The Hill reports.

There IS intelligent life down here! 

Neil deGrasse Tyson, New York based astrophysicist defends President Trump! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Additionally, deGrasse really likes the concept of the Space Force and knocks the Democrats and Russians OUT so easily it was like a gravity free zone!

DeGrasse begins by saying, “We’re not shaping a message just to fit what might be some prevailing political winds.

Then he points out WHO is driving the conversation.

And it’s not politics, he says, “It’s the political winds that will react in whatever way they feel they must, to the message of urgency about how knowledge and understanding of how the world works and what our place is in the world.”

The Yahoo! interviewer states, “You are urging patience with people who are dismissing the idea of a Space Force.”

Then deGrasse says, “Just because an idea came out of Trump’s mouth, does not have to mean it’s crazy.

DeGrasse continues to tell how the Space Force is essential in taking care of America with sound Military practices.

Furthermore, Neil discusses topics like protecting America’s assets. And against asteroids. Also, the GPS power alone is something to consider.


WATCH as General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis and VP Pence introduce the SPACE FORCE plan at the Pentagon. 

Bernie Sanders tweet below: 

Russia’s troll tweet below: 

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