Two Years After His Pro-Trump Statue Was Set Ablaze, NY Artist Creates The Incredible

Scott LoBaido who is a New York artist unveiled his newest masterpiece entitled “Trump 2020”!

Moreover, the art is making waves! The 20 foot piece is on the lawn of a Meier’s Corners home on Staten Island! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

President Trump won Staten Island with 57% of the vote in the 2016 Presidential election and his popularity seems to be growing! 

Last year, Scott’s pro-Trump statue was set ablaze in a fit of leftist rage.

Fox News reports on the incident, “Though a statue he created in support of President Trump was set on fire in August 2016, LoBaido has now created a new art installation that honors the president  — and shows support for him in the upcoming 2020 election.”

During the opening festivities of the new pro-Trump art, people came from all over to take group photographs of the structure and selfies, too! There was no violence in the amiable crowd.

In an impassioned and surprisingly mellow voice Scott introduces his artwork and tells the Staten Island Live of how he was inspired to create his masterpiece.

Scott tells us, “So many people are losing their minds over Donald Trump. They just can’t get over the loss. They just can’t get over it. The violence. The Hollywood movie stars, The View.”

He continues, “It’s never-ending. They cry… all my friends who are liberal and make fun of me and stuff, I just say” ‘Trump 2020’.

Then Scott admits something many American’s believe, “He’s going to win. No President has done what this President has done in this short amount of time.”

LoBaido speaks directly to the non-Trump supporter and says calmly, “I don’t care what the man says. I don’t care if has a pimple on his elbow. Like everybody’s talking about him because he has a pimple on his elbow. He slept with this one. I don’t care. Look what the guy is doing.” 

Then he lists President Trump’s accomplishments, “The black community, The unemployment. It just gets better and better. The more they rip up his Hollywood star. The more the base GROWS. Keep it up. Because this just locks in Trump for 2020! 

WATCH the video below as artist,Scott LoBaido discusses his Pro-Trump art work: 

Staten Island artist  launched his latest art installation on the lawn of a Meier’s Corners home, titled “Trump 2020.” Supporters gathered around the home on August 7, 2018 to take photos with the display. (Staten Island Advance/ Victoria Priola)

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