Trump Steps To The Podium & Blasts Fear In The Enemies Eyes With An Explosive Affirmation

[Image source: CNN video screenshot.]

At Fort Drum, New York, President Trump was proud to make key announcements in front of our military before signing H.R. 5515, which is the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act of 2019.

The President loves our military and he is proving it by building them back up like never before! Continued Below

Trump was proud to announce that after funneling $700 Billion into our military in 2018, the new defense act for 2019 was approved for $716 Billion in military spending.

The President sent a bold message to America’s enemies as he outlined what all was included in the military package.

And he voiced his hopes that this new bulking of the military technology will help make America be “so strong, we’ll never have to use it. But if we ever did, nobody has a chance.”

Trump started out by saying the package will bring in at least 4000 new active duty soldiers to our military. He also plans to replace aging tanks, planes and ships with “the most advanced lethal technology ever developed.” And then he jumped into the specifics on what he plans to invest in. See Below

President Trump Plans On Beefing Up Our Military By Applying $716 Billion To The Following:

* 135 M-1 Abrams tanks

* 60 Bradley Fighting Vehicles

* Over 3000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles for the Army Armored Brigade Combat Team Continued Below

* New Black Hawk and Apache Helicopters for the Army National Guard

* 77 F-35 Joint-Strike Fighters (Stealths)

* full funding for the B-21 Raider Bomber Program

* 13 new Battle Force Ships and support ships, including a 4th Ford Class Aircraft Carrier

* 3 additional Lateral Combat Ships

* Funding to modernize our arsenal

* Major upgrade missile defense

* 11 million to military construction

* And best of all, the biggest pay increase for our military personnel in a decade! Video Below

President Trump Speaks Before Signing The National Defense Authorization Act of 2019

Trump was right! He’s making America safe by building the strongest military EVER! America’s enemies have every reason to fear!

Are you proud of Trump for looking out for the safety of our nation by giving the military exactly what it needs to be the most powerful in the world? Scroll down below and let us know what you think!