Giuliani Breaks Mueller’s Broomstick & Tosses It In Comey’s Fire Pit With A Raging Demand

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney visited Fox and Friends this morning in an explosive interview.

Hold on to your hats…Rudy says it “should be a BIG week,” referring to the “counter offer” of the President’s speaking to the Mueller probe team. (VIDEO BELOW)

Mueller may be responding to the President:

Rudy sat down with the pundits on Fox and Friends early Monday morning, as they played the song, “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright.”

Then, they threw a hard-hitting question asking if the Mueller probe should be terminated.

“Absolutely it should be terminated. He should put out his report, tell the American people what he has, and they can evaluate it. They are entitled to this information. He shouldn’t hold it or try to manipulate the election the way Comey did. I don’t think he wants to do that,” Giuliani tells the Fox crew. (VIDEO BELOW) 

Giuliani continued, “Why did I say September first? Because along time ago…. two months ago when we met with him, he threw out the date that he might be able to get the report done by.”

The Fox and Friends anchor asks, “Does he still sound like that?”

“He has not repeated that since then. But he hasn’t taken it back. There’s no reason he can’t get it done,” Rudy tells everyone. (VIDEO BELOW)

“Should be a big week. I think he’ll give us a decision this week. On our counter offer. We’re coming down to his looking really bad by interfering in the election. And I think he has to get it over with by the beginning or early September.” Rudy declared.

Rudy thinks there should be an investigation of the investigation:

Specifically, there should be a second special counsel. Rudy said, “I am now convinced that the initiation of the independent counsel is totally illegal. There’s no crime.” 

The Fox pundit added, “It was a Comey plot.”

Rudy clarifies, “The regulation requires a crime. You have to open an independent counsel and subpoena them. The witnesses would be the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, Mueller, and Comey. Comey committed perjury so many times,” Rudy explained.  (VIDEO BELOW)

And in his colorful way, Giuliani suggests there be a second special counsel with sixteen partisan Republicans – who have all said really hateful things about Hillary Clinton. He was joking though because Rudy followed up quickly, “Although I would go for a neutral.

Several days ago, Rudy tweeted, “Maybe it’s time for Attorney General Sessions to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the conspiracy to defeat Donald Trump by buying and disseminating false dossiers, obtaining illegal wires and commencing baseless FBI investigations.” (Video below tweet.)

WATCH as Rudy Giuliani suggests a second special counsel. 


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