Sensing What Is To Come, Stone Crushes Mueller’s Strategy With A Pre-emptive Strike

The FBI is starting to take a closer look at President Trump’s former FBI adviser, Roger Stone, as he predicted.

But Stone has made it clear that, no matter what, he would NEVER testify against the President. Video Below

The 2017 movie “Get Me Roger Stone” was an informative but left wing leaning documentary to try and set the stage by tying Roger Stone to former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Manafort, who is being tried by Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation for crimes having nothing to do with the “Russia Collusion” narrative which was the reason for the investigation in the first place, is a completely different case than Stone.

Roger Stone was one of the key reasons Trump finally decided to run for office, the documentary implies. But whether or not that’s the case, and whether or not Roger Stone did anything wrong during the Presidential campaign, is still completely separate from the fact that he has said he will be loyal to Trump no matter what.

So far, there has been no evidence of any Russian collusion, and definitely none tied to President Trump. That being said, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, insists that while the Trump campaign did not “collude” with Russia, collusion itself is not a crimeWATCH VIDEO BELOW

Roger Stone Crushes Mueller’s Strategy

This comes as another SLAM to the Mueller investigation as they probably hoped to force him to try to tie Trump into something that either never happened, or that Trump had no idea of, out of fear of prosecution or jail time. Roger Stone is, based on the documentary cited earlier in the article, a man who will get things done at all costs, sometimes doing things nobody else knows about, at potential risk to himself. But that again does not mean he did anything wrong.

More than likely this is just another pathetic attempt by Robert Mueller and the “17 ANGRY DEMOCRATS” as President Trump has referred to them as in Tweets and other references, to draw this witch hunt investigation close or into the 2018 mid term elections to try to swing votes away from Republicans. Mueller has used tactics to get people to make plea deals for things they may not have even done, such as the Michael Flynn investigation and trial, which arguably ruined Flynn and his family’s lives. SEE TWEET BELOW

Early Tuesday, President Trump tweeted:

It’s good to know that while Mueller waste’s the Nation’s time and money, we have just one more person who either can not, or WILL not say or do anything to hurt President Trump.

This is all the more reason we should expect Democrats to continue their dirty tricks to swing the mid term elections in their favor. We CAN’T let them succeed! Please share this article and let us know what you think in the comments below!