Trump Shatters Omarosa’s Story To Pieces With What He Just Revealed To The World

Trump fires back AGAIN at Omarosa for her multitude of blatant slander and lies, simply because she is mad that she was fired for her lack of integrity at the white house. He previously hit back calling her a “low life” at a “Bikers For Trump” event in New Jersey. This time he DOESN’T HOLD BACK, and as you can see in the message, this will surely cause a MEDIA FRENZY!

In the Tweet issued this morning, President Trump says: “When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White house, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!” The use of the word was surely meant to imply that she was a poorly behaved person, but the media will likely spin it out of control with their usual, “racist, sexist” narrative which is all too predictable. SEE TWEET BELOW

This story actually gives yet another great example as to why it sure is wonderful the excellent White House Chief of staff, John Kelly, decided to stay, at least until 2020! He made a good choice to rid the administration of someone who can not be trusted. Some may think President Trump’s rhetoric is harsh, but when you think about the fact that Omarosa is advocating for Trump’s “impeachment” simply because she is mad, she needs to be called out for her pathetic lack of integrity and reasoning.

Many have debunked much of Omarosa’s new book, which includes the lies and accusations she is hurling. For example. Pollster Frank Luntz and many other in this video from the Sean Hannity show yesterday say nobody even ever asked for their quote in the book and NONE of it has any truth! SEE VIDEO BELOW 

Here is another source of the claim that she is totally making things up to try to exact her revenge on President Trump, after everything he is done for her. She is also probably just trying to make money for herself as she has always been known to be a very selfish person at any costs, as seen from the days when she was on Donald Trump’s successful TV show, “The Apprentice. SEE VIDEO BELOW

This Tweet also shows how little these lies will hold water, and how Omarosa is unfortunately, for her, destroying her reputation and painting herself as untrustworthy to any potential future employers or people. SEE TWO PART TWEET BELOW

This is appearing to be one of the biggest non stories, as the evidence shows a lack of credibility, and that this is just another media ruse as the Stormy Daniels fiasco and others fade into the distance. Things like this only serve to make the President stronger. Soon this too will just be another weak, forgotten attempt to slander an amazing President, by the mainstream media and others with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Share this article and your thoughts below in the comments section!