Manafort’s Defense Forces Recess After Unleashing Team Mueller’s Worst Fear To The Jury

Robert Mueller’s Witch Hunt team is falling apart at the seams! Manfort’s defense team is tearing them to shreds!

In an incredible move today during closing arguments, Judge Ellis called RECESS of the case! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Catherine Herridge, Chief Intelligent correspondent reports that each team had two hours to give closing arguments.

Additionally, Judge Ellis scheduled 90 minutes for his instructions to the jury.

And instead, a fiery melt down happened when the prosecution insisted the defense team broke the original pretrial agreement!

During the closing arguments today, Manafort’s team argued that “Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team had unfairly ensnared their client in the ongoing Russia probe.”

Specifically, “Manafort attorney Richard Westling told jurors that banks had not reported any problems with Manafort to regulators “until the special counsel came and asked questions,” and accused prosecutors of “stacking” charges against Manafort,” reports Fox News.

Furthermore, “another defense attorney, Kevin Downing, said several times the prosecution should have been handled by an IRS audit, rather than a high-profile federal prosecution by the special counsel’s office,” prosecutors argued that both of those comments “violated a pretrial agreement not to discuss the larger political context of the case,” per Fox News.

WATCH as Catherine Herridge reports on the closing arguments of the Virginia Manafort case! 

FOX’s Catherine Herridge Reports Outside Of Court House Where Manafort Trial Is Taking Place

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