Trump Exposes The Wound Swamp Rats Inflicted On America & MSM Is Covering Up

In an explosive message, President Trump quotes Chris Swecker and exposes the FBI!

Former FBI Assistant Director, Swecker, has been around the FBI. Specifically, he did NOT like what he saw the last few years. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Now, he’s ready to tell what was going on during the crooked Obama-era inside the FBI! 

First, POTUS makes a two-series tweet this morning, He says:

“The Rigged Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on as the “originators and founders” of this scam continue to be fired and demoted for their corrupt and illegal activity. All credibility is gone from this terrible Hoax, and much more will be lost as it proceeds. No Collusion!”

“The action (the Strzok firing) was a decisive step in the right direction in correcting the wrongs committed by what has been described as Comey’s skinny inner circle.” Chris Swecker, former FBI Assistant Director.”

In what is described as a “stinging op-ed”  Swecker says that Comey, McCabe and Strzok hid themselves behind the cloak of the FBI motto.

Swecker  says, “What myself and many of my former colleagues deeply resent is the way they’ve reflected poorly on the Bureau. And yet, they try to wrap themselves, in the mantle of the FBI – Fidelity, Integrity and Bravery – which they violated.”

Moreover, these are two lines from Swecker’s op ed.

The Fox reporter then says that the three rats would argue that they were acting out of “honor and duty.”

Swecker replies, “There’s bad CEO’s out in the corporate world. And in this case, the FBI got a bad CEO. And then, he promoted these two other people who were promoted up three levels in about a year or so to complete that inner circle. They were YES MEN. They didn’t think the RULES applied to them.”

WATCH as Swecker exposes what he knows about the rats in the FBI under the Comey leadership! 

In ending, are you glad Comey, McCabe and Strzok are FIRED?