During Deliberation, Jury Sends A Signal To Judge Ellis That Crushes Mueller’s Team

Drama struck the court room on Thursday, as jurors in Paul Manafort’s trial began deliberations, after both sides made their case.

Late in the afternoon, the jury reportedly sent a note to Judge T.S. Ellis with four questions in it. VIDEO BELOW

According to FOX News, one of the questions asked by the jury is “raising eyebrows” and gave Manafort’s team some encouragement right before the first day of deliberation ended.

As was stated by Manafort’s attorney in his closing arguments, the Mueller team has to prove Paul Manafort is guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

And, this is exactly what the jury was referring to in their question to the judge.

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Peter Doocy of FOX News reported outside of the court house that the jury asked the judge to “re-define reasonable doubt.”

The judge then had the entire jury come out and explained that “the government is not required to prove a defendant guilty beyond a possible doubt, but beyond a reasonable doubt.”

And with that, Manafort’s team soon came outside of the court house and vented how this is a favorable sign for their side. Video Below


Oh my! This is not looking good for Mueller’s team. In fact, the entire trial has not gone well for them as Judge Ellis read right through their scheme and continually blasted them over it throughout the trial. And, now the jury appears to be noticing the same thing.

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It will be interesting to see what the jury decides in the end.

Critics have suggested that special counsel has crossed the line in their investigation, and it now appears to be coming back to bite them.

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