Moments Ago, Trump Dropped Off A Surprise Gift That Omarosa Will Love

President Trump is hands down the MASTER TROLLER!

The Commander in Chief is not afraid to punch back at anyone across the board who attacks him with fake news. (Video Below)

After the lies that Omarosa is trying to push, she is being met with push-back from the President himself.

He has taken to twitter in a series of tweets calling her out and exposing her for the fraud and backstabber she is.

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President Trump, on Thursday, hit back again while trolling Omarosa after the GOP created a video collaboration of her praising Trump. (Video Below)

The GOP released the a video saying, “Guess she forgot about these tapes…”

Shortly after, President Trump retweeted the video while thanking Omarosa for the kind words.

You can’t even make this up. President Trump is in fact the MASTER TROLLER! (Video Below)

President Trump’s Official Tweet and the video below

Trump Killed Omarosa With Kindness After Dropping The Perfect Gift…


Don’t you just love President Trump’s master trolling skills?

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