Ohr Inches Closer To Chopping Block After What Sara Carter Finds In Steele’s Texts

In an exclusive release of information, investigative journalist, Sara A. Carter reveals a casual exchange of texts among the Witch Hunt team.

We have been hearing lately that the name Bruce Ohr would become increasingly important in the origins of the Mueller Special Counsel.

It is now known that Bruce Ohr, former United States Associate Deputy Attorney General who is married to Nellie Ohr who worked with Fusion GPS, was knee-deep in communications with former British MI6 agent, Christopher Steele.

Christopher Steele, is the author of the self-proclaimed unverified ‘dirty dossier’ which was used to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on American citizen, Carter Page.

Carter Page, worked with the Trump campaign.

Bruce Ohr will come in front of joint congressional committees to answer questions regarding the part he played in the origins of the With Hunt on August 28th.

See Mark Meadows announcement on Ohr’s scheduled hearing: 

Ahead of the hearing, Sara A. Carter reveals a blockbuster text between Ohr and Steele.

Sara reports

“In the text, Steele writes Ohr, “Hi! Just wondering if you had any news? Obviously, we’re a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance at Congress on Monday. Hoping that important firewalls will hold. Many thanks.”

Ohr writes back later that day, saying “Sorry, no new news. I believe my earlier information is still accurate. I will let you know immediately if there is any change.”

Specifically, Congress would like to know what the earlier information is that Ohr handed over to Steele.

To read Sara’s exclusive article, please click here.

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