Pres Trump Launches A Full-Scale Attack On Brennan & His Fellow Swamp Minions

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President Donald J. Trump was on an absolute roll Thursday trolling the swamp rats who colluded together trying to take down President Trump before and after the election.

The President has found a new and clever way to get around his haters and that is by quoting guests on Fox News. This saves him the trouble of the mainstream media running their mouths even more and still getting his message directly to the American people. (Videos Below)

President Trump trolled his haters along with the biased left-wing media because they fail to report the facts.

President Trump Launches A Full-Scale Attack On Brennan & His Fellow Swamp Minions:

Trump tweeted, “The FBI received documents from Bruce Ohr (of the Justice Department & whose wife Nelly worked for Fusion GPS).” Disgraced and fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok. This is too crazy to be believed! The Rigged Witch Hunt has zero credibility.”

“While Steele shopped the document to multiple media outlets, he also asked for help with a RUSSIAN Oligarch.” @Catherine Herridge of FoxNews @LouDobbs In other words, they were colluding with Russia!”

“Very concerned about Comey’s firing, afraid they will be exposed,” said Bruce Ohr. DOJ’s Emails & Notes show Bruce Ohr’s connection to (phony & discredited) Trump Dossier. A creep thinking he would get caught in a dishonest act. Rigged Witch Hunt! (Videos Below)

A review by Fox News of Bruce Ohr’s Justice Department emails and handwritten notes shows he is deeply connected to the controversial Trump dossier, and during the presidential election, the FISA abuse scandal; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports.

WATCH Catherine Herridge Below:

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The President didn’t stop there.

Next, he quoted Tucker by tweeting, “@TuckerCarlson speaking of John Brennan: “How did somebody so obviously limited intellectually get to be CIA Director in the first place?” Now that is a really good question! Then followed by “Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is a FAKE War Hero…” So true, a total Fake!

The President continued, “How can “Senator” Richard Blumenthal, who went around for twenty years as a Connecticut politician bragging that he was a great Marine war hero in Vietnam (then got caught and sobbingly admitted he was neither a Marine nor ever in Vietnam), pass judgement on anyone? Loser!”


(Also- more of President Trump’s tweets and videos below)


Following, the President quoted Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch and Lou Dobbs of Fox Business.

President Trump tweeted, “….An incredibly corrupt FBI & DOJ trying to steer the outcome of a Presidential Election. Brennan has gone off the deep end, he’s disgraced and discredited himself. His conduct has been outrageous.” Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch.”

He added, “Director Brennan’s recent statements purport to know as fact that the Trump campaign colluded with a foreign power. If Director Brennan’s statement is based on intelligence he received while leading the CIA, why didn’t he include it in the Intelligence Community Assessment released in 2017. If his statement is based on intelligence he has seen since leaving office, it constitutes an intelligence breach……” Richard Burr (R-NC) Senate Intel Cmte Chair @LouDobbs”

Senate Intel Chairman, Richard Burr is defending President Trump.

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President Trump’s OFFICIAL Tweets:

President Trump is draining the swamp and the rats can’t stand it. They are doing everything in their power to cover their traps, but are failing miserably.

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