RATS SCURRYING: Pres Trump Set The Late Night Trap That Has Team Mueller Cornered

President Donald J. Trump was on an absolute roll Friday trolling the swamp rats who colluded together trying to take him down before and after the election.

The President has found a new and clever way to get around his haters and that is by quoting guests on Fox News. This saves him the trouble of the mainstream media running their mouths even more while still getting his message directly to the American people. (Video Below)

President Trump took to twitter Friday night blasting Bruce Ohr. This comes after earlier in the day where he was stopped by the press pool, and answered a few of the reporters questions with some fiery statements relating to the swamp.

While speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House Friday morning, President Trump said that he may take away the security clearance of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, whose wife worked for Fusion GPS, the firm that created the phony dossier on then-candidate Trump.

“I think Bruce Ohr is a disgrace. I suspect I’ll be taking it away very quickly!” The President declared.

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RATS SCURRYING: Pres Trump Set The Late Night Trap That Has Team Mueller Cornered

The President took to twitter in a three part series quoting the news of Bruce Ohr.

He said, “Fox News has learned that Bruce Ohr wrote Christopher Steele following the firing of James Comey saying that he was afraid the anti-Trump Russia probe will be exposed.”

The President also quoted Charles Payne at Fox Business who said, “How much more does Mueller have to see? They have blinders on – RIGGED!”(Video Below)

Next, President Trump quoted legal analyst Gregg Jarrett from Fox News.

The President tweeted, “Bruce Ohr of DOJ is in legal jeopardy, it’s astonishing that he’s still employed. Bruce & Nelly Ohr’s bank account is getting fatter & fatter because of the Dossier that they are both peddling. He doesn’t disclose it under Fed Regs.

He continued, “Using your Federal office for personal financial gain is a Federal Gratuity Statute Violation, Bribery Statute Violation, Honest Services Violation….all Major Crimes….because the DOJ is run by BLANK Jeff Sessions……” Gregg Jarrett. So when does Mueller do what must be done? Probably never! @FoxNews”

(Video Below)

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Ohr’s work emails show contact with Christopher Steele during the 2016 campaign; Catherine Herridge reports on the revelations.



WOW! The cards are falling and the swamp is draining.

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