Carter, Gaetz & Jarrett Pull Out More Smoking Guns The Ohrs Are Hiding Under Their Swamp Beds

On Friday evening, Sara Carter, Matt Gaetz and Gregg Jarrett appeared with Judge Jeanine for another fuel-packed discussion on the latest breakthrough findings involving the apparent conspiracy against Donald Trump.

More smoking guns were uncovered as Carter, Gaetz and Jarrett picked apart Bruce Ohr, his wife Nellie and their co-conspirator Christopher Steele after newly obtained documents came out on the trio’s shady efforts.

Recent communications between Christopher Steele and Robert Ohr show the pair were nervous that their crooked actions would be “exposed” after former FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress.

Carter explained that the latest documents show Ohr and Steele’s efforts were “premeditated” and the pair “used Ohr as a back-channel to deliver Steele’s messages straight over to the FBI” despite being fired.

Sara said the most concerning part of the latest documents obtained from Steele and Ohr’s communications is when they voiced worry on if “firewalls” will hold up after Comey’s testimony before Congress.

Carter says Congress will want to know from Bruce Ohr when he appears for deposition on Aug. 28, “Who are these and what are these firewalls?” Video Below

When Matt Gaetz got his turn, he was quick to label Bruce and Nellie Ohr as the “Bonnie and Clyde of Collusion.”

Gaetz reminded Americans that Nellie Ohr, Bruce’s wife, was hired by Fusion GPS, which is directly tied to former UK agent Christopher Steele. Gaetz is extremely concerned about Steele’s ambitious efforts to “poison and influence Robert Mueller’s investigation” to take out Trump. And using Nellie and Bruce Ohr to help carry out the act by distributing his Fake Dossier. Gaetz said:

“You have the spouse of a senior Justice Department Official colluding with an agent of a foreign government, Christopher Steele. With the express purpose of trying to de-stabilize a U.S. Presidential Election. Why is this not what we’re looking into? Why isn’t Robert Mueller looking into this foreign interference and not the hoax of the Trump Russia investigation?Video Below

Gregg Jarrett pointed out that he went through the 63 pages of documents. He concluded that Ohr is in “legal jeopardy” and “it’s astonishing that he is still employed.” Especially since Ohr and his wife’s bank accounts are growing as they are still peddling the dossier. And Jarrett points out various crimes that Ohr potentially committed by his actions.

What’s most concerning by Jarrett, Carter and Gaetz is that the DOJ under Rosenstein and Sessions is not releasing when Nellie Ohr was employed by Fusion GPS. This is something where Gaetz believes there is another “smoking gun.”


Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett and Matt Gaetz Sound Off On Bruce & Nellie Ohr and Their Involvement With Christopher Steele

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In ending, do you think Mueller should really be focusing on interference between U.S. government agencies and foreign agent Christopher Steele instead of his witch hunt against President Trump? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts!