After Brennan Threatens To Sue Trump, Rudy Immediately Makes Him Regret It

Sunday morning, Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s attorney joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures in an explosive interview.

Just like President Trump, Rudy didn’t hold back. (Video Below)

During the interview on Sunday, Maria discussed with Rudy the recent fallout with former CIA Chief, John Brennan, after the decision was made to have his security clearance  yanked.

Brennan has taken to several left-wing networks for interviews bashing President Trump since his security clearance was revoked, and now threatening to sue the President.

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Maria asked Rudy point blank, “What are you going to do if Brennan sues the President?” (Video Below)

After Brennan Threatens To Sue Trump, Rudy Immediately Makes Him Regret It

Rudy couldn’t hold back after Maria’s question of whether Brennan sues President Trump. He burst into a heap of laughter.

Rudy clamped his hands together smiling and point blank said, “We would take his disposition away. As the plaintiff, he’d have to go first.” Then, he declared, “I would volunteer to do that case for the President!”

“Let’s have Brennan under oath…two or three days. Let’s find out about Brennan, and we’ll find out what a terrible job he did.” Rudy added. (Video Below)

Immediately after, he listed off a number of wrong-doings Brennan did during his time under the CIA.

Rudy explained that Brennan accused President Trump of treason, but has no evidence of Trump committing a crime.

“This is an out of control political hack!” Rudy exclaimed referring to Brennan.

Maria stated that for Brennan to admit the President has committed treason would suggest that Brennan himself “knows something because he had access to classified information.”

“The only thing I’d like him [Trump] to give me is defense of that lawsuit that Brennan has got, because my payment for this investigation and representation of the President is to depose Brennan. One of the biggest frauds in this here country.”  

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