Former Schumer Aid Nearly Loses His Cookies While Squaring Off With Bongino On Brennan’s Fallout

On Saturday, former Chuck Schumer Aid and radio host Chris Hahn squared off against Dan Bongino on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s program.

And it was no match, as Bongino completely annihilated Hahn while discussing the topic of Brennan getting his security clearance yanked.

Hahn delivered a weak initial jab when he said that President Trump only pulled Brennan’s clearance to seek retribution on those who disagree with him. He also claimed it was a way for Trump to shift the news cycle away from traitor Omarosa’s story that was grabbing headlines. Bongino countered with a ruthless uppercut of facts that left Hahn scrambling.

Bongino claims Hahn “doesn’t know what he’s talking about” and is “making it personal.”  He continued by saying, “Chris has zero evidence that this has anything to do with Omarosa.” He said that Hahn is only blaming it on that because it “sounded good” and is a “cheap shot” at the President.

Bongino then leveled Hahn when he brought up how Brennan is likely the central role in Spygate and purveyor of the fake Russian dossier.

Video Below

Bongino laid out how Brennan with the help of Harry Reid made information from the Fake Russian dossier the foundation for which the spying on Trump’s campaign could occur…a potentially criminal act.

Bongino concluded by saying “this guy should be under investigation, forget the security clearance.”

Hahn tried to counter by bringing up the good that Brennan has done in his career, including overseeing the killing of Osama Bin Laden. But after Judge Jeanine referred to Brennan as “pond scum,” Bongino finished off Hahn when he said that he respects some of the good that Brennan and others have done, “but that doesn’t mean we should ever look over malfeasance or misfeasance when it presents itself like you’re doing!Video Below

Dan Bongino Talks Sense Into Former Schumer Aid/ Radio Host Chris Hahn On The Brennan Fiasco

Wow! Hahn got KNOCKED OUT!

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