Levin Knocks The Witch Hunt Back To The Dark Ages With His Take On Cohen’s Plea Deal

Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity on Fox News, and with great legal knowledge nails the Mueller witch hunt to the wall.

In a stunning reveal, he calls for a SECOND SPECIAL COUNSEL. Perhaps it is time to investigate the investigators! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Meet Cohen’s Lawyer

Not only is Lanny Davis, Cohen’s attorney, he is also “the general counsel for the Clinton mob family,” Levin enlightens America.

That in and of itself speaks volumes. How did Cohen end up with a Clinton attorney?

Levin tells us that, “he had his client plead to two counts of criminality that don’t exist.”

The constitutional expert continues, “these campaign finance violations -that all over TV- implicate the President of the United States directly,” Levin says are NOT true. Then he tells us why.

“First, let’s back up. It is a guilty plea. It is a plea bargain between a prosecutor and a criminal. A criminal who doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison,” Levin explains. Video Below

“That is not precedent. That applies ONLY to that specific case. Nobody cites plea bargain for precedent. That’s number one,” the constitutional attorney tells America.

“Number two, just because a prosecutor says that somebody violated a campaign law doesn’t make it so. He’s not the Judge. He’s not the Jury. We didn’t adjudicate anything.  It NEVER went to court. That’s number two,” Levin tells Sean.

He then tells the American people the actual LAW. Levin defines the term “campaign expenditure.” Then systematically makes the point that the transaction between Cohen and Trump was a simple expenditure. It is when “a candidate spends his own money or even corporate money” on a campaign.

Then he gives a similar situation, with a hypothetical candidate. See Below

Levin describes a scenario where a campaign owes vendors a lot of money. So the candidate says to his lawyers, you pay them. I will reimburse you. I don’t want the negative publicity. That is NOT illegal.

“According to the southern district of New York,” Levin says prosecutors are trying to say that DJT “paid at the direction of the candidate to influence an election.”

Mark says “Yes. Mr. Prosecutor. How stupid is your point? It’s not a crime.”

Specifically, Levin tells us why Davis is a bad attorney.  He says, “Lanny Davis had his client plead guilty to two offenses that aren’t offenses that the PROSECUTOR insisted were offenses. That’s WHY he’s no good! That is,  Michael Cohen against Donald Trump.”

Levin announces to America, “Donald Trump is in the clear!”

Mark continues breaking down how the special counsel originated.

In ending, Mark Levin calls for a SECOND SPECIAL COUNSEL. 

WATCH below as Mark Levin tells exactly how Donald Trump is in the clear from a legal perspective.

In closing, do you want to see a second special counsel? Is it time to investigate the investigators?

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