Reporter Learns Brutal Lesson After Sarah Reminds Her Dems Have No Chance At Ousting Trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the only Press Secretary who needs secret service protection, is back at work and fending off the media as the brutal attacks continue on her and the President.

Like a breath of fresh air; however, a new face asks a remarkable question. (Video Below)

The reporter greets Sarah warmly, first of all.

She says, “Hi Sarah. Thank you very much,” then she launches into her question.

The reporter asks Sarah, “Some legal experts and lawmakers are saying that the President is corrupt, and that there are grounds for an impeachment case.”

Then, she continues her question by adding, “Is the White House concerned about how that could have an effect in the midterm elections? And also, does the White House take these allegations seriously?”

Sarah responds genuinely and states, “Certainly we take allegations seriously. The idea of an impeachment, is frankly, a sad attempt by Democrats.” (Video Below)

Sarah continues, “It’s the only message they seem to have going into the midterms. And, I think it’s another great reminder of why American’s should support other like-minded candidates like the President, that are actually focused on continuing to grow the economy, continuing to secure our borders, and continuing to focus on the safety and security of ALL American’s.”

The reporter waits patiently as Sarah continues, “I think that the biggest contrast we can possibly make is the message of the Democrats which is nothing more than attacking the President and looking at cheap political stunts.”

“While this White House and Republican’s in the  House and Senate, are focused on actually doing good things for the American people,” Sarah concludes. (Video Below)

Furthermore, in an epic move, the reporter doesn’t ask the same question repeatedly unlike Jim Acosta, who can only think of the same question asked three different ways!

WATCH the video below! 

In ending, do you think Jim Acosta should take lessons from this reporter on how to behave during a press briefing?

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