After The Plea Deal, Cohen’s Lawyer Torches The Steele Dossier With A New Revelation

After Michael Cohen struck a plea deal, Lanny Davis, Cohen’s attorney, joined Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s Meet The Press.

They discussed the Steele dossier, which has been in the forefront of the origins of the Mueller probe. (Video Below)

In a revelation, Cohen’s lawyer announced to Todd the falsehood’s regarding his client in the dirty dossier. 

The Steele dossier mentions Michael Cohen many times. In a stunning implication, the unverified dossier states that Cohen visited Prague in 2016 to meet with Russians.

Michael Cohen’s attorney comes forward and said, “Michael Cohen was ‘never ever’ in Prague.”

While the two discussed a variety of subjects, Todd asked Cohen, “Can you say definitively whether you know if Michael Cohen was ever in Prague in 2016?”

Repetitively, Cohen’s attorney announces, “Never. Never in Prague! Did I make that…never, never. Never, ever in Prague.” (Video Below)

Additionally, in order to be clear, Davis told the viewers at home, “And the reason, just to let your viewers know what we’re talking about, is that the dossier, the so-called [dossier], mentions his name 14 times.”

“One of which is a meeting with Russians in Prague, fourteen times. FALSE. It was posted as an extensive letter rebutting, but about Prague, it was an illusion that’s been repeated infinitely.”

“The answer is NO, NEVER.” Davis stated emphatically. (Video Below)

WATCH BELOW: Davis on Prague and Cohen begins at 8:50 minute mark.

The Daily Caller reports, “By the way, the number of times that falsehood has been repeated — I’m not accusing you — is the classic example that if you mention something a million times, and you get Google hits and they’re all false, it’s zero-zero,” Davis said on Bloomberg Wednesday.”

In closing, is it curious that Christopher Steele mentions Cohen in the dossier?

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