Trump Sends Shockwaves Through Rosenstein & Sessions When Asked If He’ll Fire Them

This morning, President Donald J. Trump joined Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News and sent a strong message to Rosenstein and Sessions.

Toward the end of the EXCLUSIVE interview, Ainsley asks if President Trump will FIRE Sessions and Rosenstein. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Ainsley sat across from the President as the interview began, while sitting in comfortable white chairs with the President flanked by American and Presidential flags on the porch at the Rose Garden.

Ainsley asked politely, “Mr. President, a lot of people are frustrated – a lot of your supporters are frustrated with the DOJ, with Jeff Sessions. There are rumors that you are going to fire him after the midterms and Rosenstein. They also want these documents. They’re wondering if you will use your power to get these documents released.”

The President replied, “Yeah. At the right time, I think I am going to have to do the documents. I didn’t want to, but I think I am going to have to. There’s such corruption, before I got here. It’s from before I got here. It’s the Obama administration.”

“And, you look at what happened. They surveilled my campaign. It’s very simple. The FISA report, the phony fake…” Ainsley leaned in slightly and said, “Rosenstein signed the last FISA report.”

“Ah! It bothers’s always bothered me,” President Trump told Ainsley.

With intensity and quick timing, Ainsley leaned in again asking, “Will you fire him? Will you fire Sessions?” (Continued below.)

Well, I tell you what. As I have said, I’ve wanted to stay uninvolved. But, when everybody sees what’s going on in the Justice Department….” The President stated.

He continued, “It’s a very very sad day. Jeff Sessions recused himself, which he shouldn’t have done, or he should have told me. Even my enemies say that Jeff Sessions should have told you that he was going to recuse himself, and then you wouldn’t have put him in.”

“He took the job, and then he said ‘I am going to recuse myself.” President Trump continued,”‘What kind of a man is this? And, by the way, he was on the campaign, you know the only reason I gave him the job, is because I felt loyalty; he was an original supporter. He was on the campaign. He knows there was no collusion,” The President said with great honesty. (Continued below.)

“Now. What’s come out of Manafort? No collusion. What’s come out of Michael Cohen? No collusion,” President Trump declared.

Next, he switched to the Manafort/Cohen debacle.

“How about with Michael Cohen? In all fairness to him, they raid his office at  six o’clock in the morning. And, how about with Manafort? They raid his home at like five in the morning? I think on a weekend and his wife is in bed  and they go in with guns?” he rhetorically asked incredulously.

“This isn’t Al Capone,” The President told Ainsley.


Watch Below segment at 10:35 minute mark. 

In closing, do you believe the President should fire Jeff Sessions?

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