DiGenova Lays Down The Law, Exposing Three Secrets That Will INFURIATE The Swamp

In a blistering dress down of Jeff Sessions, former U.S. D.C. Attorney, Joe diGenova, told America exactly what is going on at the DOJ and FBI.

No-one is safe from Joe, as he told exactly what he knows to be true, while he joined Sean Hannity on his show, Thursday night. (Video Below)

DiGenova calls for the resignation of Jeff Sessions!

Sean began the segment with, “Clearly, the President feels betrayed,” by Jeff Sessions.

Specifically, that “he didn’t give him a heads up that he was going to recuse himself,” Sean told the audience.

Sean continued, “Clearly, Sessions based on his comments today, doesn’t like the President. If the President fires him, then he’s in a box.”

Joe diGenova, said, “Well, the President of the United States was and is entitled to a fully engaged Attorney General. He has never had that.” (Video Below)

Joe pointed out, “Jeff Sessions made a terrible mistake – besides accepting the job – knowing he would have to recuse himself in the single most important matter.”

Joe reminded America, “As soon as he became Attorney General, Jeff Sessions sort of had a major speech indicating what he thought about the way the Hillary Clinton case was handled.”

Sessions indicated that “he was going to appoint a special counsel to investigate that case, and to investigate the conduct of the people at Senior levels of the FBI and the Department of Justice,” Joe told Sean. (Video Below)

DiGenova calls for the resignation of Jeff Sessions after the Midterms.

Then diGenova lays it out and said, “Here’s the problem. Jeff Sessions has no command presence. He doesn’t understand the job that he has. He never has. It is very regrettable but after the next election, Jeff should give the President the courtesy of a resignation.” 

Sean asked Joe about Jeff’s lack of vision, “Why does he not see?”

Joe gets down to the nitty gritty saying, “because, here’s why…. Jeff Sessions has told people that he doesn’t believe that the people at the Department of Justice are capable of the kinds of things that they are being accused of. He simply REFUSES.”

Joe said of Sessions most emphatically, “He is blind. Jeff Sessions is BLIND.”

The SWAMP can blind you, the former D.C. Attorney explained precisely why he said Sessions is blind.

He’s surrounded by Rod Rosenstein who agrees with him! And an FBI Director in Chris Wray who is an empty suit, who by the way, has never said a nasty word about all of the people that were head of the FBI before him. He is SO out of his league as FBI Director,” Joe told Sean.

“So what is the President presented with? THREE PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS. SESSIONS, ROSENSTEIN AND WRAY,” Joe told America!

WATCH BELOW as diGenova tears into Sessions! 


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