Lindsey Graham Doubles Down, Reveals The Main Reason Why Sessions Must Go

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), joined Fox News’ Shannon Bream for an explanation on his pivot about the removal of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Last year, Graham thought it would be a HUGE error to get rid of Sessions. Today, he advocates for his removal! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Earlier Thursday afternoon, Senator Graham said, “The President is entitled to an Attorney General he has faith in, somebody that’s qualified for the job,” as reported by US4Trump.

Additionally, Graham said yesterday of a possible new AG, “And I think there will come a time, sooner rather than later, where it will be time to have a new face and a fresh voice at the Department of Justice.

Shannon dove even deeper asking him about his comments last year.

Shannon Bream asked Graham, “What about last year when you said – quote – ‘there’d be holy hell to pay’ – if Sessions was fired? You said the President’s efforts to marginalize and humiliate him were not going over well in the Senate.” 

Graham responded, “Well, when Jeff recused himself, which I think he should have….. any lawyer would have done what Jeff Sessions did. He was part of the campaign. You can’t over see an investigation on a campaign you are part of. So he had to recuse himself.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

He continued, “The bottom line is, Jeff did the right thing legally, but Mueller is now very deep into his investigation. This conflict is far beyond Mueller and his recusal. ”

Graham believes every President should have a Cabinet of his choosing.

And for the good of the Nation. I think we need an AG that has the confidence of the President,” Graham said to Shannon. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Graham pointed out, “there are plenty of conservative Judges and Lawyers,” to choose from that the Senate could “get somebody confirmed.”

The South Carolina Senator continued, “But if he does replace Jeff Sessions, the burden will be on the President to pick a highly qualified somebody who believes in the rule of law. Give Mueller the space he needs to finish his investigation.”

Lindsey said, “But I say this with a heavy heart, because I was a big proponent of Jeff Sessions.”

In ending, the Senator concluded, “So this relationship will either get better, or it will result in a new face and a new voice at the Department of Justice.”

WATCH BELOW as Shannon Bream digs into what Graham meant on Sessions being replaced:


In closing, what do you think? Should President Trump replace Sessions after or before the midterms? Who would you like to see Sessions replaced with?