DNC Makes Biggest Move Yet To Un-Rig Their Presidential Primaries

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) sees the errors of their ways.

And now, they are historically switching their policies to closely follow the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) guidelines regarding superdelegates.

It’s no secret the DNC 2016 primaries were rigged. Just ask Bernie.

Newsweek reported that the DNC has changed it’s policies to align more with the RNC’s superdelegate policies.

Newsweek said, “In an historic move, the Democratic National Committee voted Saturday to reform the party’s presidential nomination process by restricting superdelegates’ power when voting for a nominee.”

Additionally, they will “prohibit superdelegates from voting on the first ballot at the 2020 DNC convention. If there is not a clear winner after the first round of voting or it is deadlocked, superdelegates may then cast their votes to act as a tiebreaker.”

The corruption was SO obvious in the DNC for the 2016 Presidential election.

As an example during the 2016 primaries, “In Iowa, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton outright tied each other, but Clinton’s superdelegates put her over the top,” as reported by Bustle.

Specifically, before today, “In the Democratic Party, superdelegates can vote for whichever candidate they wish regardless of how the state that they come from votes, and in total, superdelegates comprise about 15 percent of the total delegates that determine the nomination.”

Since the RNC and DNC are not government entities they can make their own individual guidelines.

The decision to remove the power away from superdelegates is the same model the RNC has had in effect for quite some time.

The Republicans, of course, did not allow superdelegates to hold that much power.

And after the blistering corruption in the DNC 2016 primaries where the Bernie supporters felt ‘burned’ by Hillary railroading into the nomination, the practice has now ended.

Now that the DNC has admitted their policy was bad, perhaps they will do the same with illegal immigration, ICE and bread crumbs and voter ID?

What do you think, will the DNC ever learn? Drop your comment below and tell us what YOU think!

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