With Help From Cohen’s Lawyer, Trump Knocks A Crater In MSM’s Russia Narrative

In a Saturday morning showdown, President Trump took out CNN on a false story they ran last month about the Russia Trump Tower meeting.

CNN whose ratings suffered drastically in the polls, went with a fake story which said Cohen “was present” when the “Russians’ offer” to Trump Jr. was made.

Armed with the TRUTH on his side and the American people at his back, President Trump sent a tweet which exposed Cohen’s lie.

President Trump tweeted, “Michaels Cohen’s attorney clarified the record, saying his client does not know if President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting (out of which came nothing!).”

“The answer is that I did NOT know about the meeting. Just another phony story by the Fake News Media!,” President Trump continued. See tweet below.

The bottom line is: Cohen is a liar.

On July 27th, CNN ran an article entitled “Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting.”

The article was written by a team, Jim Sciutto, Carl Bernstein and Marshall Cohen. They are CNN writers in the “CNN Politics” section.

It appears they should check the multitude of sources they cite because they got this one, very wrong.

Sciutto, Bernstein and Cohen wrote in the now debunked article, “Cohen alleges that he was present, along with several others, when Trump was informed of the Russians’ offer by Trump Jr.”

Cohen’s Attorney is a liar too.

The New York Post said they reached out to Cohen’s Attorney, Lanny Davis at the end of July when the CNN article was published.

“When The Post called Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, at the time to confirm the report, he said as an anonymous source that it was accurate,” the New York Post reported.

Yet, Tuesday – Cohen strikes a plea deal. Then the same day the Senate Intelligence Committee led by Senator Burr of North Carolina questioned Cohen about the July 27th article.

Suddenly, Cohen and his Attorney sing a different tune! According to the New York Post, “Mr. Cohen had testified before the committee that he was not aware of the meeting prior to its disclosure in the press last summer.”

Who did Cohen lie to about Russia? Congress or the trio of CNN reporters in late July?

Fox News reported that Congress would like to know the answer to that also. And so would the American people.

Fox reported, the Senate Intelligence Committee “recently engaged with Mr. Cohen and his team…as to whether Mr. Cohen stood by his testimony. They responded that they did stand by his testimony.”

It appears, Cohen and his Attorney are adept at slipping out of a perjury charge which means two things. Cohen is liar. And CNN does not know how to vet their own sources when it comes to anything Russia.

In ending, now that Cohen is a known liar, would you believe he will compose anything to stay out of jail?

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