After Cuomo Boasts His Network’s ‘Integrity,’ Paronto Injects Him With A Lethal Dose Of Reality

[Image source: News 19 WLTX Youtube video screenshot.]

Over the weekend, former Benghazi hero Kris Paronto turned his attention to the crooked media, specifically CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Paronto apparently witnessed Cuomo making some comments in defense of his network and wasn’t about to let him get away with it without a stellar counter attack.

Cuomo was caught mentioning the words “integrity” and “CNN” in the same sentence, which immediately led Paronto to unleash the perfect response.

In a string of three tweets, the Benghazi hero called out Cuomo and let loose a few well-known facts his network fails to report for the sake of not making the President look good.

Paronto starts off with:

“Hahahahaha… @ChrisCuomo mentioned @CNN and integrity in the same sentence… only if it’s as in “does not have any” … you’re a turd Chris.. and that’s compliment . @cnnbrk @cnni @CNNPolitics   Continued Below

Kris then slaps Cuomo upside the head with the successes of Trump’s Presidency that so-called ‘journalists’ at CNN are never seen turning attention to. Paronto tagged “Mr. Integrity” Cuomo in a retweet of Ryan Fournier, who conveniently listed the following facts that CNN fails to report:

President Trump
Job Approval: 50%
Unemployment: 3.9%
Jobs added: 3.2 million
Deficit: $532 billion
GDP: 4.1%

President Obama
Job Approval: 45%
Unemployment: 9.4%
Jobs Added: -2.9 million
Deficit: $936 billion
GDP: 1.6% See Below

Kris Paronto’s Official Tweets:

Finally, Kris finishes Cuomo off by tagging his name with many other CROOKED members of the left and hash tags them as “Frauds.” See Below


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In ending, how would you rate CNN’s integrity level on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being greatest level of integrity. Scroll down below and let us know!

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