James Woods Sends Dems A Rude Awakening That’ll Make Them Regret Attacking Trump

Conservative actor and patriot James Woods calls it like he see’s it in the political spectrum.

He isn’t afraid to speak out and stand up for the truth that is being buried deep in the swamp, unlike many of the left-leaning, anti-Trump, Hollywood washouts.

James Woods takes to Twitter slapping down democrats faster than you can say, “Lock Her Up!”

With his genius truth bombs, Woods sets the record straight once again while shattering liberal dreams.

During the weekend, Woods pointed out how President Trump has been the target of “unrelenting onslaught” by the left since his inauguration.

He suggested that democrats should prepare themselves, because Karma will sneak up. (Continued Below)

James Woods Sends Dems A Rude Awakening That’ll Make Them Regret Attacking Trump

James Woods took to twitter reminding the left about reality.

He tweeted, “Rightly or wrongly this president has been the target of an unrelenting onslaught by the #left from the moment of his inauguration to this very day. The #Democrats should prepare themselves, regardless of the outcome of this political jihad. Karma is truly a bitch on wheels.”

(Continued Below)

James Woods’ Official Tweet:

James Woods is correct.

The tireless attacks at President Trump are not working. The left loved him before he ran as a politician, but became vile once he announced he was running for President.

Democrats and left-wing media have nothing to talk about or present, except for anti-Trump 24/7 coverage. Seriously, how pathetic their lives must be.

As James Woods explains, the attacks and manufactured outrage will come back to haunt them, should the “Red Wave” bring another victory for President Trump and America in November.

You would think they would’ve learned during the 2016 Presidential election that their failed tactics didn’t work.

We leave you with another great tweet from James Woods.

“I never anticipated that one of the great joys of the Trump election would be the liberal meltdown. God, this is sinfully delicious fun!”

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