Don Jr. Gets Revenge On Bureaucrats After His Father Exposes Crooked H Email Coverup

Donald Trump Jr. sets the internet on FIRE after he tweets a follow-up about the Obama bureaucrats who covered up for Hillary Clinton during her email scandal!

Don Junior responded to President Donald Trump’s tweet when the President tweeted seven words that kindled the fire, “The FBI looked at less than 1%” of Crooked’s Emails!”

Donald Trump Junior responded:

Don Junior tweeted, “SHOCKED!!! You mean they grossly exaggerated what they claimed to have done for the benefit of Hillary?” 

He continued in his tweet, “In other words it was just business as usual with the top brass bureaucrat lawyers at the top of the FBI.” 

Then Don Junior asked the question everyone would like to know, “When will patriotic boots on the ground agents say enough is enough?” 

Continued below.

As discovered by the Washington Examiner, Real Clear Investigations reported:

“In fact, a technical glitch prevented FBI technicians from accurately comparing the new emails with the old emails. Only 3,077 of the 694,000 emails were directly reviewed for classified or incriminating information. Three FBI officials completed that work in a single 12-hour spurt the day before Comey again cleared Clinton of criminal charges.”

One thing is certain, our President’s math skills are right on target!

In fact, the FBI examined less than half of a percent of the total emails they had in their possession.

Tom Fitton asked a pointed tweet reply to Don Junior.

“And where are Sessions DOJ and Wray FBI?” the  President of Judicial Watch wondered.


In closing, do you find it curious that NO action has been taken on the Hillary Clinton email scandal by the current DOJ or FBI bureaucrats?

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