DAY TWO: Pres Trump Exposes Another Swampy Secret The Cover Up Crew Is HIDING

President Trump doubled down on Wednesday taking aim at media giants who are showing blatant bias towards conservatives.

He took to Twitter posting a video showing factual proof. (Video Below)

Many platforms have been suppressing conservative voices, shadow banning, and even going as far as throwing users in “social media jail.”

What the social media giants refuse to acknowledge is that Conservatives have voices too. Not everyone wants to see articles from left-wing conspiracy CNN, Buzzfeed, or other left leaning sources.

The social media platforms, since Trump’s victory, have decided to silence conservatives and their voices while they push their own narrative and agenda.

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President Trump spoke up while posting to Twitter about conservative suppression and addressed questions from the press pool on Tuesday while adding, “They are treading on very troubled territory.”

President Trump didn’t stop there as he posted to Twitter Wednesday afternoon blasting Google once again.

He posted a video that clearly shows Google promoted President Obama’s State of the Union directly on Google’s homepage. (Video Below)

When President Trump took office, Google stopped.

The video clearly shows the bias pointed out in bright red, with a circle for everyone to see.

DAY TWO: Pres Trump Exposes Another Swampy Secret The Cover Up Crew Is HIDING

The President took to twitter with one simple message:


WATCH BELOW for yourself:

BOOM. Time to hold them accountable. This is one example the President is pointing out how social media is misleading the America people and showing clear bias.

Do you think the social media platforms and search engines should play on an equal and fair playing field? And, should they be held accountable? Have you experienced suppression on social media too?

Let us know in the comments below.