EXPLOSIVE: Hannity Drops Multiple BOMBS, Blows The Ohr Case Wide-Open

Last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity in a power packed segment – rolled out detail after detail on the Bruce Ohr closed-door congressional testimony.

It’s no wonder Hannity is the most watched news program on cable television. (VIDEO BELOW.)

As compared to CNN who has dropped to the number six spot – behind the History channel.

Sean continues to prop Fox News in its number one spot for the 200th consecutive month in a row with blockbuster interviews like his powerful monologue from last night.

Who is Bruce Ohr?

In his opening monologue, Hannity recanted for America, “Now, remember, [Bruce Ohr] is the twice demoted DOJ official who once helped ex-foreign spy – paid for by Hillary – Christopher Steele [who] spread ALL the anti-Trump Russian lies throughout the highest levels of our Government.”

Sara Carter reported, that during the closed-door session, “it was obvious early on that Bruce Ohr was the back channel for Steele.” The FBI was using Ohr to get the dirty dossier disbursed throughout the intel community and used as the spring-board for the FISA warrant. Which was the spring-board for the Special counsel and the ‘insurance policy’ to ‘get Trump’.

Hannity told America after Ohr’s deposition, “Ohr said that the FBI knew EVERYTHING. And they did NOTHING about it.”

FISA Abuse happened.

John  Ratcliffe (R-TX) tweeted, in part, “In the four FISA applications I reviewed in their full, unredacted form, Bruce Ohr’s involvement with the Steele dossier was never disclosed.” (Continued below.)


Specifically, the FBI did NOT pass the information along to the FISA court. Does this sound like the politicized FBI pulled a fast one on the FISA court?

Hannity explained, “The FBI’s blatant effort to hide the true nature of Clinton’s bought and paid for Steele’s dirty Russian dossier. It was campaign op research. It was compromised. And it was never verified or corroborated. It turned out to be lies. Russian lies. And funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. They funneled the money through a law firm. Then hired Fusion GPS.”

Fusion GPS is where Bruce Ohr’s wife worked. Steele was being paid by the FBI and Fusion GPS.

Sean told us that “Ohr said that he disclosed that he was profiting off his relationship with Steele. And the FBI was okay with that”, Sean asked rhetorically.

“Burce Ohr said that he understood the Steele dossier would never have been accepted in a court of law. He said the FBI KNEW about the seedy relationship with Steele,” Hannity said in his monologue.

There’s no doubt that there was a conspiracy to commit fraud against FISA court judges DID, in fact, take place,” Sean told America. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“This level of corruption and abuse should make every single American citizen sick.” – Hannity

Additionally, Sean explained the two-tiered justice system in a nutshell.

He said, “Hillary Clinton gets a free pass. Trump is literally targeted by our Government with her salacious phony campaign op research put together by a foreign national using Russian sources for lies.”

WATCH as Hannity blows the Bruce Ohr case wide open! 

In ending, would  you like to see continued investigation into the FISA abuse scandal?

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