What Just Got Exposed About The Dossier Probe Will Have Nellie Ohr Sweating Bullets

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The embattled DOJ official, Bruce Ohr, implicated his wife, Nellie, while Jim Jordan (R-OH) was questioning him on the Obama-era FBI/DOJ Spygate scandal.

Rep. Jim Jordan, (R-OH), in a three-part tweet told America exactly what the FBI knew and didn’t tell the FISA court while seeking the warrant to spy on Carter Page. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

First, this morning, President Trump tweeted, “Wow, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr’s wife, is a Russia expert who is fluent in Russian. She worked for Fusion GPS where she was paid a lot. Collusion! Bruce was a boss at the Department of Justice and is, unbelievably, still there!”

The President added, “The only thing James Comey ever got right was when he said that President Trump was not under investigation!”

About thirty minutes later, Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted:

It’s now obvious that the FBI knew but didn’t tell the Court: -About Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s involvement.-About Christopher Steele’s extreme bias against President Trump. And that the Clinton campaign paid for the Dossier.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

The FBI knew about the tangled weave of bias, collusion and WHO paid for the dirty dossier and did not inform the FISA court.

Jordan told Fox News, “the FBI failed to disclose to the court who funded the dossier, Ohr’s role in its production, and former British spy Christopher Steele’s “extreme bias” against Trump at the time.

“The FBI left out “important facts” regarding the Trump dossier when presenting the document to a secret court before obtaining the FISA warrant needed to wiretap onetime Trump campaign aide Carter Page,” Jordan added.

And, like clockwork, Sean Hannity threw out a BOMB directed at the Ohr’s. (VIDEO BELOW.)

In a special report tweet, Hannity said, “***BREAKING: Day After Bruce Ohr’s Testimony, Congress Seeks to Question His Wife.”

Then, Sean attached an article from Sara A. Carter where she cites, “numerous congressional sources are telling SaraACarter.com that after Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr’s explosive closed-door testimony on Tuesday, lawmakers are gearing up to call his wife, Nellie Ohr, in for questioning regarding her work with the now-embattled research firm, Fusion GPS.”

Sara added, “Congress is also seeking access to Bruce Ohr’s text messages and emails with top FBI officials.”

WATCH BELOW as Jim Jordan informs America the FBI failed to inform the FISA court on details of the dossier origins. 




In closing, is it time for Mueller to expand his probe to include investigating Fusion GPS, the DOJ, and FBI as related to the FISA warrant to spy on American, Carter Page?

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