After Blaming Trump For Her Poor Reputation, April Ryan Gets Thoroughly Shredded

As the “resistance” continues their obstructing and heavily carrying around the weight of their Trump Derangement Syndrome, the President continues doing what the American people voted for without a care.

One in particular struggling with Trump Derangement Syndrome is none other than April Ryan, who works for CNN. (Video Below)

April Ryan, who is part of the resistance and trying to make a name for herself with her new “anti-Trump” book she is trying to promote, is now back on the airwaves pushing manufactured outrage.

On Sunday, April interviewed during CNN’s Reliable Sources blaming President Trump for the death threats she is encountering. April claims she’s received a series of death threats so concerning she hired a personal bodyguard, and has no doubt where the fault lies.

“I’m going to say this, and I’m just going to put it as simply as I can. I blame the president for this,” April Ryan said.

“It is getting worse,” she said. “There is collateral damage. It affects not only the reporter but the people who are around the reporter.” (Video Below)

Next, she took a jab at Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claiming that Sarah missed the chance to make things right with reporters as the commander in chief continues to undermine their reputation.

“She had a chance to pull back, saying we’re [not] the enemy of the people. She didn’t.” April said.

She continued her rant saying, “When I report, I speak the truth. And I have Republican sources who are in the inner circle, who give up the information. I don’t go in an office and go through a file cabinet. I’m given the information. Why? Because they’re whistleblowers and this administration does not like it.” (Video Below)

After her self promotion and poor me rant, Mark Levin, “the great one,” took note and posted to Twitter to remind April of facts.

Levin tweeted, “Leftist reporter condemning president for media’s lousy reputation. Actually, she was disliked, and the media distrusted, long before Trump became president.”

WATCH BELOW as April Ryan blames President Trump for her TDS. (See Mark Levin and other’s responses below video.

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After Blaming Trump For Her Poor Reputation, April Ryan Gets Thoroughly Shredded

Mark Levin and others chime in:

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