Judge Jeanine Has The Future Of FISA Abusers Hanging By A Thread With Her New Revelation

Judge Pirro invited Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch onto Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine. 

They discussed the STUNNING revelation that NO HEARINGS were set in the FISA court regarding the stripping of the 4th Amendment rights of fellow American, Carter Page and the Trump campaign. (VIDEO BELOW.)

It begs the larger question…if this can happen to Page and a Presidential campaign…can it happen to YOU?

First, let’s define ‘police state’ since this phrase is thrown around A LOT lately to describe the secret FISA court.

Police State is defined by Merriam Webster, as “an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs.”

The FISA court is a secret court designed to “oversee requests for surveillance warrants against foreign spies inside the United States.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The FISA court did NOT provide oversight for American-citizen Page or the Trump campaign. 

Fitton told the Judge in a BLOCKBUSTER revelation, “They finally admitted late this week that there were NO hearings.”

“Four different courts decided they didn’t have any need to conduct any hearings on this effort to surveil an associate of the President or then-candidate Trump,” Tom declared. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Furthermore, Tom said “the most recent warrant was signed by Rod Rosenstein under Mueller’s investigation.”

Is the secret FISA court just a RUBBER STAMP factory to spy on Americans?

Fitton told America to think about “the initial corruption of the warrant’s themselves.”

The fact that the “courts we’re relying on to provide oversight here and instead it looks like they RUBBER STAMPED these corrupt FISA applications,” he said.

“They asked NO questions of the Government when they targeted the Trump team,” Fitton informed us.

The FISA applications target the Trump campaign.

“When you look at the warrant applications. You know what they’re after, they were after Donald Trump,” Fitton said pointedly.

When the initial application was filed, Carter Page tried to fight back and Comey shot him down.

“The application notes that Page sent a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey to deny the accusation two days after a news story came out stating that Page was under investigation.” (Continued below.)

Judge Jeanine asked, “How unusual is it to get a warrant to surveil an American citizen?”

“It strikes me as rather unusual and outrageous that they didn’t ask any questions or conduct any hearings regarding an investigation or surveillance of someone associated with Donald Trump,” Fitton told Jeanine.

In ending, Fitton said, “Are they blithely just ‘RUBBER STAMP’ spy warrants that are really asked for only by the Government?”

Again he told us, “There’s no-one else there to say, ‘Hey! You should think twice about this’. We rely on the courts to provide the oversight here. And it isn’t HAPPENING” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The FISA court process resulted in a corrupt process with the unverified dirty dossier. 

Judge Jeanine mentions that Supreme Court JOHN ROBERTS has been called upon to check out the situation with the FISA court. And THAT is a big deal.

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President Trump described the dossier corruption best when he tweeted former Secret service agent Dan Bongino. Read tweets below followed by the video.

WATCH as Fitton and Pirro discuss the latest regarding the dirty dossier and the FISA court.

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