Mueller Will Be Sick When He Hears The Multiple Grenades Zeldin Just Launched At Him

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) joined Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News and discussed the cloud over Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Mueller probe.

Zeldin pleads the case that Sessions needs to take more control or get out-of-the-way. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The reporter covering for Maria Bartiromo asked Zeldin to unravel President Trump’s comments on Jeff Sessions and the Mueller probe.

Like a true conservative, Zeldin answered that he does not know what anyone else is thinking.

Then the New York congressman launched into a thing of beauty and something he can vouch for…his OWN thinking!

Zeldin’s thoughts on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Lee said, “I think the Attorney General should revisit the scope of his recusal,” he then mentions mainstream media and it’s effects. (VIDEO BELOW.)

He said, “In what we’re watching everyday. Especially on other networks where it’s just 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage 365 about trying to take this President down.”

The New York Congressman continued about Sessions, he said “it almost seems like he’s not in charge of the Justice Department that he’s recused himself out of a large portion of his job.”

Additionally, Zeldin rightfully stated, “in what is by far the largest role that the Justice Department is playing, right now, in American politics.” Of that, there is no doubt. (Continued below.)

“It would be great to have an Attorney General who is completely in charge of the Justice Department.” – Lee Zeldin

“And unfortunately, we are at the case, right now, where you have a special counsel that gets created in order to look into the Russian interference,” Zeldiin says regarding the Mueller probe.

He adds with laser-like precision “and it appears like the scope of that investigation has gone so far beyond the scope of why it was created.”

That needs to be refocused. That needs to be narrowed. And in many respects it needs to be ended,” Zeldin said in no uncertain terms. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Mueller special counsel is “a six million headed monster.” – Rep. Lee Zeldin

Zeldin explained, “So, if they are looking at 17 different things. Well, the perception is that they are looking at six million different things.”

In addition, Zeldin said, “and they created those clouds.”

Lee then launched the final grenade, and said “So, if you have no evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians, just come out and say it. Clear up some of those clouds so the people can move forward.”

WATCH the video below as Zeldin launches reality-grenades onto Mueller and Sessions.

In closing, do you think Sessions will un-recuse himself and send a shockwave through Mueller?

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