BUSTED: Sen Durbin Admits Plotted Strategy To Disrupt Kavanaugh Hearing

Thom Tillis (R-NC) throws down on the Democratic Senator David Durbin (D-IL) as the Democrat admitted there was a planned effort to disrupt the Kavanaugh nomination hearing on it’s first day.

Kasie Hunt of NBC broke the news that the Democrats had a “plotted coordinated protest strategy” on Twitter Monday. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Let the FIREWORKS begin! 

Thom Tillis called the Democrats out on C-SPAN during the hearing for Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment hearing for Supreme Court Justice.

Chaos ensued as the Democrats called for delay after delay because of the 45,000 pages of documents on Kavanaugh they asked for and received on Labor Day.

Forty five thousand is the largest number of documents ever asked for and received for a Supreme Court appointment.

Additionally, they complained the White House was withholding documents. Every recent President has withheld White House documents due to Executive privilege. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Senator Ted Cruz – in a brilliant recount shot down the Democrat’s objections one by one – click here to watch that bit of brilliance.

Tillis gets to the TRUTH. The Democrats PLOTTED to DISRUPT.

Perhaps, the most revealing and explosive of all the Kavanaugh fireworks is when Senator Tillis – in a ‘no-nonsense’ manner – had the Democratic Senator ADMITTING that they plotted and schemed on a telephone call with Senator Schumer – Senate Minority Leader – to disrupt the hearing.

Mr. Chairman, I am confused because I heard earlier that this was a reaction to the document releases last night,” Tillis said to Chairman Grassley regarding the utter chaos and disruption. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“But I’m reviewing a tweet from NBC that said ‘Democrats plotted coordinated protest strategy over the Holiday weekend. And – ALL agreed to disrupt the hearing, sources tell me’,” Tillis repeated a tweet by Kasie Hunt.

Tillis continued and said, “And subsequent, ‘Dem leader, Chuck Schumer led a phone call. And committee members are executing – now’.” (See tweet below.)

So – I just want to be clear – none of the members of this committee participated in that phone call or that strategy BEFORE the document’s were released yesterday?” Tillis asked as he waved his pencil in a sweeping motion from left to right and included everyone on the committee.

Then Tillis intoned to the Democrats, “Are you suggesting that this allegation is false?

In barely a whisper you can hear a woman’s voice say, “This is outrageous.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Dick Durbin, the Senate Minority whip from Illinois spoke up! He admitted the Democrats coordinated the obstruction of the Kavanaugh hearing.

Mr Chairman there was a phone conference yesterday. And I can tell you at the time of the phone conference, many issues were raised,” he told Chairman Grassley.

See tweet below – followed by the video of Durbin admitting to the plotted obstruction by the Democrats! 


In closing, Chuck Schumer plotted an obstruction of the Kavanaugh hearing. What do you think of that?

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