In A Stunning Statement, Liberal Democrat Sends Kavanaugh On His Way To Confirmation

Even the hard-core liberal democrats are willing to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Lisa S. Blatt seems to understand that the Senate and the White House are in the hands of the Republicans. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The will of the people matter in a Constitutional Republic.

Lisa Blatt introduced Judge Kavanaugh. She stated, “My name is Lisa Blatt and I know Judge Kavanaugh- in my capacity as an appellate lawyer – here in Washington.”

Ms. Blatt went on to tell the chamber, “I have argued 35 cases in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. More than any other woman in history.” Well, that is certainly impressive!

Then she said something unexpected, “I am also a liberal democrat. And an unapologetic defender of a woman’s right to choose.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Try not to groan…it get’s better at the very end!

“My hero,” she said, “is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg for whom I have had the great fortune of serving as a law clerk.” Still groaning? Because there’s more of that coming until it gets better!

In case anyone doubts on which side of the aisle she walks, she announced that she voted for Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein “Obama…twice!”

Politely, she then tells Chairman Grassley that she wished Feinstein was the Chairman of this committee! There is absolutely no question, Ms. Blatt is indeed a liberal Democrat. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Fair enough. So she is a hard-core liberal democrat who once clerked for Ruth Bader Ginsberg which is what makes her next statement positively STUNNING!

Ms. Blatt urges the Senate to confirm Kavanaugh!

She said, “And yet I am here today to introduce Judge Kavanaugh and urge the Senate to confirm him as the next associate Justice of the Supreme Court.”

Then she mentions the ugliness of the left toward her because of her decision to support Kavanaugh. Lisa describes how her democrat friends and strangers have contacted her full of anger and disbelief.

She said she was raised to ‘call it like it is’. And she continued to vouch for the integrity and knowledge of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She also mentioned that Judge Kavanaugh “clerked for Justice Kennedy with whom he will replace.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Ms. Blatt said Kavanaugh mentored her and had “been a great source of advice,” she said.

Watch the video below as the liberal Democrat asked Congress to confirm Kavanaugh. 

In closing, what do you think of THAT?

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